New: Leather-lined Bibles

It’s probably obvious that a fair amount of my binding work involves rebinding Bibles. Personal Bibles that are much-read and cherished will invariably suffer a certain amount of wear and tear, and many of them are not that well-bound in the first place (for advice on buying a new Bible, see this post). However, many of the people who want their Bibles rebound want them rebound in a soft-cover binding. I was initially not terribly keen on this, having been trained more to do hard-cover binding. Moreover, I wasn’t terribly happy with the method of soft-cover binding that I had learnt from a colleague – even though clients seemed perfectly happy with their rebound Bibles.nrsva2.jpg

Then a couple of years ago I started following online discussions on Bible rebinding and saw that the latest trend, at least in the USA, was for leather-lined Bibles. I was initially wary of this, but I confess that the idea did rather grow on me. And after trying my first leather-lined soft-cover (sometimes affectionately called yoga Bibles due to the contortions that their suppleness allows) I was rather hooked. Okay, I still like good hard-covers, but if you are going to have a Bible rebound as a soft-cover, I would strongly recommend paying a little extra and having it leather-lined.

The first leather-lined Bible I bound.

I have been honing my technique on this in the last couple of weeks, and have adapted some of the methods used by US binders. I am finally happy with my method and am now adding this to the binding options I offer, which you can find out more about here.

Here are some photos of my most recent yoga Bible. It has hand-stitched headbands, blind foiling on the inside edges, and paste paper endpages.



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