Some Leather-bound Catholic Bibles I have Rebound Recently

I’m in the process of updating this website and have just created a new Gallery page to display some of my work. There is still more to add, but here are some highlights from some of the Bibles I have rebound recently. They are all leather-lined softcover Bibles that have been rebound in either sheep nappa, goat nappa, or calfskin. They are also all text blocks that I can get easily and that I really like and recommend.

An RSV2CE that I rebound in black goat nappa. This one is still available for sale on Etsy for 145 USD, including shipping.

A CTS New Catholic Bible (standard edition) that I rebound in tan calfskin. The text of this Bible is that of the original Jerusalem Bible, but with the Divine Name changed to “the Lord” and with the Grail Psalms.

An OUP pocket edition of the RSV-CE Bible (first edition)
rebound in dark navy sheep nappa. For a pocket Bible, this one is very readable and is beautifully produced.

A custom order of two New Jerusalem Bibles (DLT standard edition) rebound in black goat nappa and navy sheep nappa, and one NABRE rebound in red sheep nappa.

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