Bible Rebinding

biblebefore1It is common for bookbinders to be approached to rebind Bibles. For many people, their Bible is a treasured possession that has accompanied them on their Christian path. But, precisely because such Bibles are treasured, they also become well-worn and inclined to come apart. In most cases, it is the cover that has become damaged and rebinding it with a new cover is a relatively straightforward operation. However, in some cases the book block may also need some attention.

In addition to rebinding used Bibles for clients in South Africa, I also do custom rebinds of new Bibles, primarily for international clients, and focus particularly on Bibles that are of interest to Catholic and Orthodox Christians. I sell these on my Etsy shop and also take custom orders for rebinds here.

You can find further information on the the various options to consider in customising a Bible rebind here.

The prices will depend on whether the book block is in reasonably good condition and on whether you want additional details such as extra gold foiling, edge colouring, or other decorative techniques. Note that I have different prices for South African and foreign customers and try to make rebound Bibles reasonably affordable for South Africans.

If you have any questions or want to arrange to get your Bible rebound, please contact me here.

You can see some examples of personal Bibles that I have previously rebound on the gallery page.