Customising your Bible

This page explains the options you need to consider when you want to have a Bible rebound. It applies to both the rebinding of used Bibles (which I only do for clients in South Africa) and the rebinding of new Bibles (which I mainly sell to overseas clients).

Please note that I accept orders via Facebook Messenger or via this site if you are able to pay with PayPal (EFT in the case of South Africans). Alternatively, you can do a custom order on my Etsy shop (which allows credit card payments).

Hardcover or Softcover:

Most people want leather-lined softcovers, but if you prefer a leather-bound hardcover binding I can also do this in either a thin (900 gsm) or a thicker board.

Binding Style:

My leather-lined softcover binding style is slightly different from that of many other rebinders in that I don’t first attach the liner to the cover and then simply attach the cover to the text block on the endpages. Rather, I attach the text block to the cover by means of mull and then work the liner into the cover. This is sometimes known as “pastedown” (but with leather) rather than “edge-lined”. I also try and avoid a ridge in the leather by using the same thickness leather for the cover and liner and working the two parred edges into each other.

The covers usually have a yapp of approximately one centimetre. This refers to the extent to which the cover protrudes over the text block, folding down over it to protect it.


I usually only rebind in leather and only use South African full-grain leather, which somewhat limits the available options. At present I can usually get the following leathers but will need to confirm availability before accepting an order:

Goat Nappa:
I am still exploring goatskin options, but at present I am only able to do black Goat Nappa.

  • Black
Sheep nappa colours usually available

Sheep Nappa:

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Tan
  • Navy Blue (very dark)
  • Red

Buff Calfskin:

Tan and dark brown calfskin
  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Tan

Spine & Foiling

I usually do four ribs on the spine, with foiling above and below them, and with additional foiled lines at the top and bottom of the spine (although one can opt to not have ribs or to have ribs with only blind foiling). I try to keep the ribs in the places they would have originally been on books that were hand-stitched on cords, so prefer not to do ribs at the top or bottom of the spine. I usually foil “Holy Bible” and the version abbreviation in either gold or silver. This is included in the cost, but additional foiling is charged extra.


The endpages are the (somewhat thicker) pages at the front and back of a book. At present I am offering the following options in endpages:

  • Plain cardstock
  • Marbled paper in either a comb pattern or a more “wild” design
  • Eco-printed papers

I am relatively new at marbling and eco printing and will eventually standardize my offerings, but in the meantime let me know what sort of paper and colours you are interested in and I will see what I can do. You can see more examples of these in my gallery.


I usually do hand-stitched headbands in two colours. At present these are included in the basic price but at a later stage I will charge more for them.

Ribbon markers:

I use 6 mm double-sided satin ribbon markers. You can choose up to four ribbons, depending on the space available on the spine.

Corner Rounding:

In the case of a hardcover Bible that I convert to softcover, I usually round the corners of the text block unless you indicate otherwise. Not only does this fit better with the design of a softcover, but it also prevents dog ears from developing.

Optional Extras:

Edge-colouring or “Art Gilt”

I cannot gild the edges of a Bible in gold or silver, but I can apply edge colouring and charge 15 USD extra for this. I also apply beeswax to the page edges in order to give them extra protection.

Debossed Cover Designs

I can incorporate a debossed design such as a Cross into the cover. This costs from 15 to 30 USD extra, depending on the complexity of the design. Here are some examples of debossed designs I have done, but I am also open to your own customised designs although I will have to check whether they are suitable.

Putting together a Custom Designed Bible

If you would like me to do a custom rebind for you, you need to indicate what sort and colour leather, endpages, headbands, and ribbon markers you would like, and whether you want edge colouring or a cover design. Once I know this I will check what is possible and work out a custom order with you. To find out more, please contact me on EtsyFacebook, or via this site.

Please note that I ship all international orders by courier, which is included in the price and usually takes five to seven working days.