On Large Liturgical Books

Over the last few years, I have been repeatedly asked to rebind rather large Roman Catholic altar missals and lectionaries. It all started in 2012 when I was approached by a priest asking me for help with his almost new altar missal that was already coming apart. On closer inspection it turned out that it had been very badly bound, and it was hardly surprising that I was to be asked to rebind several more of these books over the years.

The first altar missal I bound in 2012.
The solid binding I developed for the first altar missal.

I developed a sturdy leather binding that could support such a large book, with extra thick boards, an additional layer of mull, and a hollow on the spine, and with a simple embossed Cross on the front cover.

More recently, I have been asked to rebind Catholic lectionaries. These are also large books, but they appear to have been better bound than the missals and to have lasted longer before needing repair. However, their binding is still rather flimsy for such a heavy book that is often used, and so some parishes have opted to have had them rebound while still new.

Here are some photos of a new set of lectionaries that I have just rebound. I can be contacted here if you have any similar books you would like rebound.






Pocket Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians

I have recently developed a slip cover for the well-loved Pocket Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians (aka the “Little Red Book), published by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America. I had been asked to rebind the book, but because it has a staple binding I was unsure how long it would last without needing to be repaired. A slip cover, by contrast, allows one to repair the book itself and simply reinsert it once more into the cover.

I was quite pleased with the outcome, which can be seen in the photos and in my Etsy shop here. It is bound in genuine, full-grain sheep nappa leather, with the same leather lining on the inside.

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A New Website

Welcome to my new website, which I am still in the process of setting up. Since moving to Pietermaritzburg in the middle of last year, I have had to re-invent what was previously Langeberg Bookbinding (the site is still up, but will expire before long). I am being fairly focused in the binding work that I do, focusing mainly on selling on my Etsy shop. However, I am also open to doing a limited amount of binding and repair work for local customers, particularly the leather rebinding of Bibles and liturgical books, hence the need for a website.

In addition, I also plan to add resources here that can supplement the material on my Etsy shop.

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