Family Bibles

Family Bibles became popular in the nineteenth century and are often handed down from generation to generation. However, their condition may also have deteriorated and bookbinders are often approached to help restore or rebind them. This can involve a considerable amount of work, depending on the state of the Bible and the desires of the client. The most common issue is that the hinges on the spine have broken so that the covers have come loose, but they may also have damaged pages or need restitching.

I do a limited amount of restoration work, but to advise you on whether or not I can work on your Family Bible, and what it would cost, I really need to know more about it. It is best to see it in person, but you can also send me photos and details and I will respond to these. To get in touch about this, please contact me here.

Here are some before and after photos from Family Bibles I have previously rebound. Click on a photo to starte the slide show.