Premium Catholic Bibles, or the lack thereof…

Every now and then I come across discussions that bemoan the lack of premium quality, leather-bound Catholic Bibles. The general consensus seems to be that there is insufficient demand to make publishing them a viable option for Catholic publishers, and that the best option is to rather buy hardcover Bibles and have them rebound.

I am particularly interested in this because I am seeking to focus specifically on rebinding and selling Bibles that are of interest to Catholic and Orthodox Christians. (And, given the paucity of Orthodox Bibles in English, Orthodox Christians will also gravitate to Catholic or “with Apocrypha” versions). In this, I hope that I may be able to assist those who are looking for quality leather-bound Catholic Bibles.

In order to do so, I have sought to compile a list of Bibles that are good candidates for rebinding in leather. The following list was compiled with the help of members of the Catholic Bible Fans group on Facebook (which would be worth joining if you are interested in these things). It’s by no means exhaustive (if you have further suggestions, let me know), but it lists Bibles that I am able to acquire and would be worth rebinding.

  • The CTS New Catholic Bible (the text of the Jerusalem Bible but with the Divine Name changed to “the Lord” and with the Grail Psalms)

Some of these Bibles are ones that I’ve rebound and sold on Etsy, while others are editions that have been recommended to me. If you are interested in ordering a leather-bound version of any of them, please contact me here. Of course, you are also welcome to contact me about rebinding other Bibles! You can see more examples of my work here, or find out what options are available when rebinding your Bible here.